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An Introduction
During the Summer and early Fall of 2010 it became apparent that a predecessor organization, also known as the Taos County Bar Association, had become dormant for several years. Assessment of the issues facing the Eighth Judicial District, which includes Taos County, Colfax County and Union County comprising some 90 attorneys, needed a strong active and reliable organization to assist the New Mexico Supreme Court in its efforts to restore public confidence in this judicial district.
At that time, the attorney population had swelled to over seventy members in Taos County alone.
All attorneys were contacted for the purpose of electing a new president.
The efforts to resurrect the Taos County Bar Association were spearheaded by four women: Barbara Martinez, Catherine Oliver, Leslee Petersen and Brigitte Lotze.
On October 27,2010, after several meetings with other interested attorneys, The organization's new By Laws were submitted along with Articles of Incorporation to the New Mexico Corporation Commission. The Articles of Incorporation were entered of record on November 1, 2010. At that time, Brigitte Lotze had been elected President, Leslee Petetrsen and Barbara Martinez as Vice Presidents, Catherine Oliver as Secretary, and Louanne Linselata as Treasurer.
During its first year, the Taos County Bar Association, provided general meetings for its members which included speakers such as New Mexico Supreme Court (then) Chief Justice Charles Daniels, newly appointed District Judges Division II, Sarah Backus, Division III, Andria Cooper, Division I Judge John Paternoster, and New Mexico Attorney General David King. TCBA also sponsored a CLE program from the New Mexico State Bar and a reception for the newly appointed Judges.
In 2011 TCBA was able to raise donations from Taos County Attorneys to allow an award of eight $250 and two $500 scholarships for Taos County High School seniors, including Penasco, Questa and Vista Grande Charter School. In 2012, TCBA again provided scholarships in the amount of $500 to five graduating seniors.
To assist the public in making educated votes for the 2012 primary election, TCBA sponsored two forums for all District Judge candidates and Magistrate court candidates. And, for the 2012 general election, a public forum will be provided on October 10th, 2012.
During its brief existence, the new TCBA met its pledge to provide a Website allowing paid members of the organization to provide links to their own websites, a profile and an indication of their area(s)of practice.
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